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Mats Portrait - Photo Christian Knörr, Theater Basel


The work of theater and filmmaker Mats Süthoff, born in Aachen in 1992, centers on the expression of the body, on making stories come alive, and on close collaboration between different disciplines. In doing so, his experiences from diverse professions interact with each other, such that his perspectives as a writer, director, mask player and choreographer consistently shape his theatrical and cinematic works. 

After studying Physical Theatre at Folkwang University of the Arts, he became part of the mask theater company Familie Flöz in 2017. As a writer and actor he participates in the internationally touring productions "Hokuspokus", "Dr Nest“, „Himmelerde" and „Unter dem Meer“. In addition to his work with Flöz, he works as a freelance director, choreographer and dramaturg at various theatres. Since 2019, he has maintained a close collaboration with director Lucia Bihler, whose productions he accompanies in terms of direction, dramaturgy and choreography, among others at the Volkstheater Munich, the Volksbühne Berlin, Schauspiel Köln, Schauspielhaus Hamburg and most recently at the Burgtheater Wien.

The medium of film is a constant companion for him. Over the years, he has been fascinated by producing a wide variety of formats, from short films to advertising and music videos. 2020 saw the release of his first feature-length film ‘Seoul Subscriber’. And in 2023 his new short film ‘Hikikomori’. In 2023, the play ‘Die Eingeborenen von Maria Blut’ [directed by Lucia Bihler] was invited to the Theatertreffen, where he created the choreography and mask play. 

He is currently working on a new creation with Familie Flöz, choreographing a new dance piece and directing Ödipus, a play with half masks, at Theater an der Ruhr.

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